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Wooden Wick Candles

These vessels all utilise a wooden wick, which adds a lovely sound of crackling fire.
Below are a few tips on looking after your wooden wicks.

Let your candle burn for approximately 2hours (or until the whole surface is liquid with wax). This helps set the memory pool for future burns.

Check that the wick is approx. 3-5mm above the height of the wax before lighting.  This keeps the flame at a safe height and allows for optimum performance.  If trimming is required, you can simply break away the burnt wood, or use something like a pair of nail clippers. Wick trimmers will also work well. The flame will vary in height during the burning time - sometimes it will be a large, noticeable flame, others it will be quite low.  This is natural from the wooden wicks.

(Tip: If you accidentally trim too much of the wick off, burn for enough time to get a small melt pool, extinguish the flame, pour off some of the excess melt pool and re-light.) 

We use natural products, and you may see some discolouration in the wax after burning, especially towards the end. This is normal and doesn't effect the performance of your candle.