Have you flipped your reeds?

Reed Diffuser Handy Tips

It's hard to believe that we have been making reed diffusers for a little over 3.5years now. They were one of the first home fragrance product lines that we expanded into (after melts and tealight candles). 

Here are a few extra tips for getting the best out of your diffusers:

1. Flip your reeds:

Have you flipped your reeds? We recommend doing this once a week. Why? it freshens the reeds and allows the end that has been soaking directly in the oil for the longest point of time to get some air circulation and release a stronger release of fragrance.

2. We use Dacron reeds over bamboo / rattan - our reasoning? We found traditional rattan reed would clog up with scent towards the end of the bottle, and often diffusers would be left with a small amount of solution that was just sitting and not evaporating and dispersing into the air, giving the impression that there was still an amount left in the bottle, but in fact it would not be giving off any scent. We find the dacron reeds soak up the fragrance more consistently, and even continue to give off a fragrance once the solution has been used. 

3. Choose the right size of diffuser for your space - we have two different sizes of diffusers - our 100ml size are most frequently purchased for small areas and bathroom, with the larger 200ml size purchased for larger rooms, office spaces etc. 

4. Ensure your diffusers are placed in the right space - we have found an area that will get some airflow / gentle breeze is ideal. Directly under airconditioning vents is not advised, as it will make the reed sticks dry out and evaporate the fragrance faster.  

We hope these few hints have given you a bit of insight into selecting your reed diffuser, and getting the most out of it.

 Bec & Judy