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Spring Damask Melt / Candle Fragrance warmer

$25.90 $35.00

Add your favourite scented wax melts to the screw top styled removable dish or remove the dish and add an 8 oz. or smaller candle.  This warmer heats via a ceramic plate

Length: 5.9"

Width: 5.9"

Height" 7.1"



Standard Combo - 6 standard melts, 2 maxi melts and 2 Wax Melt Snap Bars ($12.50 will be added at the checkout) 

Deluxe Combo - 12 standard melts, 5 maxi melts, 5 Wax Melt Snap Bars ($35 added at check out)

PLEASE note the add on price for these won't show until the checkout page.


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