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Wickless Candle - Signature Range


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Wickless Candles are made for use specifically with candle warmer lamps and lanterns - they look just like a regular candle but without a wick. 

Place them underneath the candle warmer lamp and enjoy the fragrance as it melts down.  Once the fragrance has disappeared, simply pour off that layer of wax and allow the fragrance from the next layer to come through. 

Petite Candle Dimensions:
Approximate fragrance life: 20+hrs
Height: 9.0cm
Diameter: 5.5cm
Standard Candle Dimensions
Approximate fragrance life: 50+ hours
Height: 8.6cm
Diameter: 7.6cm
Large Candle:
Approximate fragrance: 70+hrs
Height: 12.5cm
Diameter: 9.0cm

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