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Wood Wick Homestyle Candle - Winter Berries & Oats

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Winter Berries & Oats || We're calling it - this is THE fragrance of the kitchen from our 2020 range.  The perfect candle to burn to get people wondering what you have been baking.  Combining winter berries such as cherry, raspberry, strawberry, with the sweet fragrance of condensed milk and caramalised oats, we can guarantee you may almost want to eat this candle (but please don't.) 

Hand-poured candles in either double cotton wick or single woodwick options.  These candles are big in size as well as value, holding 600g of scented wax, giving a fragrance life of approximately 100+hours.  

This range of candles has been made for the home - perfect for styling and being enjoyed in a kitchen, bathroom or living space.  

Size Matters - the measurement details...

Vessel height: 13cm
Width: 10cm
Wax Weight: 600g
Approximate Burning time: 100+hrs

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