Product Highlight: Aroma Beads

Aroma Beads: They've been a staple of our product lines for a number of years.  So what's good about them? Why do we love them so much?  


Q. So what are they?

Aroma beads are crafted from EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate plastic), a non-toxic material free of BPA and phthalates. It's a plastic that's considered to be a safer alternative to PVC.  Each pellet attains a diameter of 3-4mm upon absorption of our fragrance oils. These go through a process over approximately 2 weeks to make sure maximum absorption is achieved, and therefore maximum fragrance output.

How long will they last?
We like to recommend the fragrance life of around 2months for noticeable stronger scents for the jars, and 3-4months for the bags in areas where there is constant airflow.  However these can last much longer in wardrobes or smaller confined spaces.  

Can they be refreshed?
The beads can be refreshed with our fragrance oil concentrate as the fragrance fades - we recommend a few drops per jar until the beads absorb the liquid.  For the beads in the aroma bags, these can be refreshed with our room / linen sprays when they fade down in fragrance.

What spaces are they best suited for?
These are best for scenting spaces linen cupboads & drawers, cars (if placed in indirect sunlight and out of extreme heat), wardrobes, office spaces.  The scented bags are also great for adding a scent to handbags or gym bags.  


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