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The Classics Fragrance Collection

BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA || Blackberries and raspberries combined with white florals, creamy vanilla and a hint of musk.

CINNAMON SPICE || A great, all year fragrance with rich notes of cinnamon and a medley of spices including clove, star anise and tonka bean.

CLOVE & SANDALWOOD || Cedarwood, Patchouli, & Peppercorn, combined with spicy clove, cinnamon, amber and white musk.

FRENCH PEAR || A fresh pear fragrance with a spicy twist of cinnamon. This fragrance is one that is enjoyed in both warmer and cooler months.

LOTUS FLOWER || A delicate, spicy mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli that is luxurious, calming and sensuous.

ORIENTAL MYRRH & MUSK || A classy aroma of precious oud wood, amber and musk with the slightest hint of zesty lemon & lime.

TROPICAL RAINFOREST || The scent of fresh , leafy greens, earthy moss and wood with a mix of tropical fruits and blossoms. Reminiscent of walking through a rainforest.

VANILLA CARAMEL || The perfect mix of rich, creamy vanilla, tonka bean and sweet salted buttery caramel.

WHITE ROSE & LILLIES || A delicate floral fragrance with white rose and lily intertwined at its core. Notes of bergamot, white musk, amber & peony petals complete the levels of this fragrance.

WILD LEMONGRASS || A refreshing and clean fragrance with a pop of zest. Comprised of notes of lemongrass essential oil, lemon verbena, cedarwood, vanilla and musk.