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About us

So who are we? "MAD" stands for "Mother and Daughters".  We are a family who have passionately pursued our love for candles and turned it into one of our greatest hobbies. Bec is the lady with the mad ideas and the hands on candle maker, whilst Judy keeps the mad ideas in line, and is the master of packaging and customer service.

As far back as we can remember every Mother's Day or birthday gift included candles or melts. Mum's love for candles was passed onto her children and grew throughout the years.  When we had the chance to start our own business we jumped at it.  To us, something as simple as a candle or melt can provide people with so much happiness. We love hearing the stories our customers tell us of the special memories a fragrance can bring back to them.  We are continually developing new scents and products and have been told that our creations are pretty "Mad" (in a good way!) We hope that they bring as much joy to you as they do to us.