Soy Melts & Flakes FAQ

Q: What is a soy melt?
A soy melt is highly fragranced wax that can be melted down with heat in either a tealight or an electric warmer, in order to release a fragrance into an indoor environment.

Q: What Sizes are your soy melts?
We have two sizes in our soy melts - our standard melts are approx 15g, and our Maxi melts are approx 35g. 

Q: How long will a soy melt last?
The answer to this is a little variable, as it depends on an individual's sense of smell, what type of warmer is being used and the size of the room you are fragrancing. As an average we say approximately 20hrs per standard melt, and 40hrs per maxi melt - the fragrance will decrease over the time it is being melted, and will always be stronger when you first put your melt in. 

Q: How do I know when to change my melt over?
The wax will lose it's fragrance before the wax completely disappears - so it's best to change over when you can't smell it anymore.

Q: How do I remove the wax from the warmer?
There are several options - we recommend allowing your melt to fully harden, then turning your warmer on for approx 5-10minutes (until the base of the wax has started melting just enough to pop the melt out). Other methods include carefully pouring the wax into a disposable container.  

Q: Why do your custom made melts take 10days before shipping?
All of our melts go through a minimum 10day curing process prior to them leaving our manufacturing facilities. We believe that the longer a melt has had to cure, and the fragrance notes bind to the wax and develop the full notes of the fragrance, not just the top notes. 

Q: What are soy flakes?
Flakes go through the same production as our melts, only the end result is flaked for ease of scooping as much or as little as you need into your warmer.  

Q: How do your melts come packaged?
We have two options for packaging our melts - individual melts are heat-sealed into cello bags, or if you are purchasing bulk quantities of the same fragrance, we can opt to package these into eco-friendly zip-lock resealable pouches.