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Frosted Apple & Vanilla Modish Apothecary Candle (wood wick)

Frosted Apple & Vanilla Modish Apothecary Candle (wood wick)

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Frosted Apple & Vanilla ||  Refreshing, zesty pink pomegranate bursting into a sweet base of malt, white cacao, vanilla bean and sugar frosting. Pink apple and juicy plum add extra fruity sweetness.

Hand-poured candles with a crackling wooden wick.  These candles are big in size as well as value, holding 450g of scented wax, giving a fragrance life of approximately 100+hours.  

The narrow neck of the jar amplifies the sound of the crackling wick, making this candle one that highlights the ambience of a calming crackling woodwick.    

Size Matters - the measurement details...

Vessel height: 13cm
Width: 10cm
Wax Weight: 450g
Approximate Burning time: 100+hrs
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