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Leaves - Silver Touch Lamp Electric Warmer

Leaves - Silver Touch Lamp Electric Warmer

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The lamp warmer operated with the touch of your hand.

Place your wax melts in the glass dish, and adjust the heat light setting to your preference with the touch of your hand. 

3 touch settings for heat/light - low setting for lamp only, high setting to turn it to a melt warmer. 

Can be be used with either wax melts or water & fragrance oil

Dimensions: 18  x 18 x 15 

Replacement globes are available through our store.  


Standard Combo - 6 standard melts, 2 maxi melts and 2 Wax Melt Snap Bars ($12.50 will be added at the checkout) 

Deluxe Combo - 12 standard melts, 5 maxi melts, 5 Wax Melt Snap Bars ($35 added at check out)

PLEASE note the add on price for these won't show until the checkout page. 

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