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Lychee Peony - Classic Reed Diffuser 120ml

Lychee Peony - Classic Reed Diffuser 120ml

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Top notes are lychee and raspberry; middle notes are peach nectar and pink peony petals; base notes are jasmine and rosewood.

    Presented in a clear round glass bottle, with a rose gold collar to accentuate, and 5 white dacron reeds.

    Each Reed Diffuser is individually mixed and hand-poured to ensure strict quality management. 

    Width: 7cm
    Height: 7.75cm

    Expected Fragrance Life:
    Our dacron reeds will hold their fragrance long after the liquid has disappeared from bottle. The average expected fragrance life of the diffuser is 4+months. 
    Please note this may be shortened by use directly under air conditioning units or other places where humidity or airflow will increase fragrance absorption time. 

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