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Smoked Amber Cedar & Pine - 10ml Fragrance Oil

Smoked Amber Cedar & Pine - 10ml Fragrance Oil

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A  smokey, woodsy fragrance with hints of citrus and mint with Amber, smoke and Firewood fragrance oils in addition to Scots pine, Nagarmotha, Cedar wood, orange, Himalayan cedar wood, Maritime pine and Peppermint Essential oils.

Our fragrance oils come with a standard dripolater.  Droppers are available for individual purchase.

How to use:
- add recommended fragrance oil quantity to your ultra sonic diffuser (usually approx 3-4 drops per 100ml)
- ideal for use in oil burners, pot pourri & home fragrancing
- use in our car vent clips
- can be used to refresh our aroma fragrance beads.  

The do's & don'ts
- DO enjoy the scent of these premium concentrated fragrance oils
- DO refer to your ultra sonic diffuser instruction manuals or electric oil burner manuals if diffusing with an electrical appliance
- DO store in a dark and cool place
- DO keep out of reach of children or animals

- Do NOT apply directly to the skin. 
- Do NOT consume
- Do NOT allow to contact eyes.
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